How many pushups can you do?

How many pushups can you do?

Heart and vascular diseases are one most frequent reasons of death nowadays. Unfortunately, heart tests, treadmill exercise-stress testing or heart scans are expensive and difficult to interpret. Recent research has found an easier way of detecting the likelihood of heart problems.

As it turned out almost incidentally, pushup capability persuaded more effectively about one’s likelihood of future heart problems. After collecting all the data, an observation established a regularity that men who could complete at least 11 pushups were less likely to develop heart conditions in the next 10 years. Pushup capability is the new understandable marker of heart disease risk detection. The research shows that the more pushups a person can do the less risk he/she has to obtain heart problem in the future.

The results provide a simple and safe way to protect the heart, improving fitness and strengthening the triceps and pectorals.

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