How To Use The Futura 28 DNA Test Kit

Do I have to visit a doctor to complete the test?

No, you can complete the test comfortably in your home. Each Futura 28 DNA Test kit comes with detailed instructions to make the collection of your saliva as easy as possible.

How do I provide my saliva sample?

Each kit contains detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to provide your saliva sample. There are only a few things to consider:

  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before providing the sample.
  • Additionally, do not remove the plastic film from the funnel lid.
  • Collect your saliva in the included tube with a funnel until it is between the clearly marked lines.
  • Ensure sure your sample contains only liquid saliva and no bubbles.
  • Close the lid tightly by pushing down the funnel lid until you hear a loud click. Unscrew the funnel from the tube and close it tightly with the small cap. Shake for 5 seconds.

Now you can return your saliva sample to our lab. Just ensure your sample is registered.

How do I return my sample?

Please ensure you register your kit prior to shipping it back to us.

It is important to us that your sample arrives safely. Either request a pickup, or drop the sealed envelope off at, your preferred UPS point.

Please remember, you need to book a courier at least three working days ahead.

To order a courier please log into “My Account” and click on “Collect my sample”. Complete the form with your details (e.g. date, address and contact number) so we can arrange collection. The courier will collect your sample during work hours between 8.00 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday.

How long the saliva sample can be stored?

After you collect your saliva sample in the plastic tube according to the instructions, it can be stored for three years. You do not need to return it the same day. However, we understand your desire to get your results, fast, so we recommend returning your test to us promptly. We will process your sample and create your targeted report as soon as possible.

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