Report – Futura 28 DNA test

In what language is the report written?

English or German. You choose! Select your preferred language during the registration process.

What does the report look like?

The full report consists of 26 pages and contains your exact genotypes, your calculated genetic predisposition to 28 diseases and recommendations on how to avoid or delay these illnesses. The report also includes resources to help you better understand your health and your genetic data. You can find a report sample here.

Should I discuss my test results with my doctor?

We recommend that you consult your physician upon receipt of the report, however this is not compulsory. It’s solely your decision who you share your report with.

What if I get negative results does that mean I’m sick?

Having a higher than average genetic risk for a certain disease doesn’t mean you have the condition or are destined to get ill. It is merely suggesting that your genetic risk is higher. Your actual risk depends upon your lifestyle and environment along with your genetic predisposition. In your report, you will find recommendations on actions that can lower your actual risk.

I don’t want to know my results for certain diseases what shall I do?

Although we believe knowledge is the power we do give you the option to choose not to see the results for Alzheimer diseases.

At the end of the registration process, you can de-select the presentation of the results for Alzheimer’s disease in your report.

Do you offer a printed report?

Yes, you can get a printed report for free as a part of our service, just select this option while registering your sample.

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