Genetic Testing

Why should I get tested?

When it comes to your health, knowledge really is power. Many dangerous or chronic diseases develop due to the interplay of genetic and lifestyle factors. Knowing your genetic blueprint empowers you to manage any risks and live a longer, healthier life.

Informed action or guided treatment may delay or prevent disease onset or mitigate its effects. This can only be done through understanding your genes and the risks they carry.

How often should I undergo the testing?

A genetic test cannot diagnose a current condition. However, knowing you have a higher risk may help to avoid that condition or enable early diagnosis.

Will it help with my pre-existing condition?

The genetic test cannot diagnose the condition you currently have. Knowing that you have increased risk of a certain condition may help to avoid this condition to develop or to diagnose this condition on the early stage.

What is Genotype?

Genotype is the allele or nucleotide (A, T, G, or C) combination found at the SNP in your DNA. Two alleles are shown because you inherit one from your mother and the other from your father, and therefore they can be different. Your genotype is determined by the genetic test done in our certified laboratory.

What is SNP?

SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is a specific variation in an individual’s DNA sequence. SNP RS is a number given to each SNP for easy identification, for example, rs1042522. You can use this number to search for more information from public databases (HapMap or SNPedia) or from scientific articles (PubMed.)

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