Customer Support Representative

Our company is looking for a person with C Level or native german to help with support tickets and e-mails from our customers and partners.

We value excellent organisational and communication skills. Be able to work with Skype, Telegram, Webex, Live Agent and e-mails. Also using Skype to call customers and help them place an order if necessary.

The worker can work virtually, from anywhere in the world. We require 4 hours per day and we would like to negotiate a fixed price per month after 30-day trial.

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Chat
If you want to apply, please write to us also with these questions in mind:
  • How communicative are you?
  • Do you value initiative or accuracy?
Interested in this position? Make contact with us or send an e-mail to

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager needed for a Startup in the Biotechnology sector, Futura Genetics, launching a very unique product into the german and european market.

A very creative professional with strategic thinking who can plan, delegate, monitor and work with third party companies and freelancers together with a small multicultural team in the heart of Prague.

The most important areas of responsibility are:
  • Traditional marketing channels: Help create and oversee PR, media advertising, market research
  • Online marketing channels: Oversee PPC, SEO, Social Media campaigns
  • Content Management
  • Planning Marketing campaigns both online and offline
  • 2 or more years experience in marketing positions
  • Fluent English
  • Familiarity with advertising systems (analytics, adwords, etc.) and some IT knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge in european markets and most importantly the german market
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to a changing market
Interested in this position? Make contact with us or send an e-mail to

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Talk with us

by telephone (10am to 6pm) 1 800 984 8135

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Just check on the "I don't want to receive my results for Alzheimer's" checkbox and your Health Report won't have the results for Alzheimer's Disease.

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