Can you get too much exercise?

Can you get too much exercise?

According to the latest The New York Times news, middle-aged men who spend lots of time passionately working out are more likely to develop disturbing plaques in their cardiac arteries, yet they have less risk to pass away from a heart attack or other heart-related conditions. It is a well-known fact that the human heart highly benefits from effortful physical activity, but now develops the idea that it is also protected from developing heart disease.

Sometimes people are accused of doing too much exercise, as previous studies have found traumatized heart muscles and a huge number of coronary plaques that may lead to a heart attack. Consequently, scientists at the Cooper Institute in Dallas and other institutions decided to follow such people for years to collect data about their exercise habits, hearts’ scans and analyze whether the excessive deposit of plaques and heart attacks are linked to heavy exercise.

The researchers suggest the idea that lots of exercise increase the risk of plaques’ appearance at the same time lowering the chance of obtaining heart attacks triggered by these plaques. They also claim that workouts may create a special type of strong plaques that are less likely to break free and cause heart conditions. All in all, most people can and should continue to involve physical activity to their lifestyle, but mind any heart related-symptoms.

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