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You have known your ancestry already NOW it is the time to add more value to your data and manage your risk!

With Futura Genetics you’ll get:

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You'll get the recommendations on preventing the diseases, so you can start live healthier immediately.

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You'll see your risks compared to the average ones, so you can make smarter decisions and better choices.

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You'll get your lifestyle insights secured with the best modern practices, we'll never share your results with anyone.

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100% digital, our report gives you the information that you need for a better life.

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Join millions who are already making a smarter use of their genes.

Join millions who are already making a smarter use of their genes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Proceed to the test page, click “Order” then continue to the cart. Enter your data and make your payment. After your account has been created, transfer your raw data from 23andme and download your new health report.

How do I transfer my raw data?

Make sure you’ve downloaded the raw genetic data from your 23andme account. To do this go to this page and request your raw data file.

After you have ordered the Futura 28 DNA Test for 23andme users, you’ll be able to upload your raw data file through your Futura account and get your results.

How will I receive my results?

When your report is ready you’ll be able to download it in .pdf format.

What are the benefits of understanding your risks?

By understanding your risks, you can take the steps necessary to prevent future disease. With Futura Genetics, you’ll receive risk calculations and evidence-based recommendations on how to avoid, or delay, these conditions.

Does a negative result mean I'm sick?

Having a higher than average genetic risk for a disease doesn’t mean that you have this condition or are destined to develop it. It is, however, indicative that your genetic risk is elevated. Your actual risk depends on your lifestyle choices and your environment along with your genetic predisposition. In your report, you’ll find important recommendations and actions that can lower your actual risk.

Is my 23andme raw data suitable for upload here?

Yes! We accept all versions of the 23andme raw data files.
You will need version 3 or higher (tested after November 2010) to get complete results for Alzheimer’s disease and female breast cancer. You’ll get the most reliable results for other diseases from chip version 2 (tested after September 2008) and higher. You still can obtain most of the results with version 1.
On rare occasions, a particular SNP may have been omitted when it should have been included (due to the huge numbers of SNPs tested). That is why some inaccuracies may appear from time to time. You’ll find the exact list of SNPs used for each disease as part of your personal health report.


Understanding your genetic code helps you to manage your health risks and live a longer and better life.